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London, United Kingdom

I NEVER WEAR PYJAMAS HOWEVER.............when I reluctantly tried these on I was amazed.

They are so elegant, comfortable and unbelievably versatile. AVWears  new exciting nightwear collection is a winner. Sleeping in a pair of pyjamas was like floating on a cloud-the silk-mix fabric certainly does its job-so cool during hot nights and when it’s slightly cold outside they really keep you warm but without overheating. 

Versatile beyond belief as the patterned pyjamas can also be worn during the day or even evening belted up with wedges or heels and funky jewellery - a really show stopper and extremely elegant. I have worn them casually walking through my local high street and dressed up dining in an elegant restaurant in the South of France and on both occasions I was stopped and asked whose collection they were and where I bought them from. 

The collection is a hit and you all need to invest in a piece before it goes global.

Signed a very happy customer!

Sue Sherwood